Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit


Another Top Ten Tuesday post. This feature was created by The Broke And The Bookish. I wasn’t able to post for last week’s topic because one – we don’t have spring in our country (LOL) and two – because I got busy and wasn’t able to think of what to write. But this week, I’m happy that I was able to post something. Especially since the topic for this week is books from my childhood that I would love to revisit. Before listing down my top ten, I would like to tell you that back then, I only read a few number of authors so you will see the same authors in my post. Here I go.

1. Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling – Started reading this back in grade school up until college. This series really was part of my childhood that I cried after I finished reading Deathly Hollows. I will surely read this series in the near future.

2. Rice Without Rain by Minfong Ho – I’ve read this when I was in high school. Not because it was required but because I was a library junk back then. Out of all the Asian literature books I’ve read back then, this is one of the books that left the strongest impression to me. I can still remember the whole story as well as the name of the male protagonist (his name is Ned). I remembered how I cried when I was reading it. I remembered my disappointment when Ned didn’t choose to stay. But I like the ending when the female protagonist’s sister gave birth at the same time as the rain they have all been waiting for finally came.

3. Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata – the first Japanese literature that I’ve ever read. Back in high school, our library had a lot of Asian novels and it was the reason why I collect them now.

4. Three-Cornered World by Natsume Soseki – the book that really made me in love with Japanese Literature. Melancholic, nostalgic and poignant. It has been so long since I last read this that I haven’t shelf this in my “read” shelf on goodreads yet. I want to read it again first.

5. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – the first Sparks book that I’ve read and probably one of the two out of all his works that I loved.

6. A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks – my favorite Sparks novel. Actually I stopped reading his books already. The last book I’ve read was The Rescue. This book can still make me cry no matter how many times I read it. It feels so different from his other books.

7. Love Story by Erich Segal – ah. Another tear jerker. There was a rumor that A Walk To Remember was inspired by Love Story since it was published first and the two books have almost the same plot line. But I believe that each book has a different appeal and unique in its own way. I read this book while riding the bus and it was the first time that I cried in public.

8. The Class by Erich Segal – I’ve read this in College and I think it was a perfect timing. The story is about a group of students from Harvard, their student life until they become an adult. This book is so underrated that I feel like crying.

9. Doctors by Erich Segal – I think it’s already quite obvious that Erich Segal is one of my favorite authors. Doctors is my favorite out of all his books. This book is epic.

10. Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster – Such a feel good classic. Short and easy to read.

Aw, typing the titles made me want to really re-read them again. I also realized that I haven’t written reviews for these books. Hmm, alright. I decided that I will start tonight. ๐Ÿ™‚


Ten Books For Readers Who Like Coming-of-Age Stories


Another Tuesday has come. Is it just me or the days are moving too fast? Anyway, another week of Top Ten Tuesday again. The topic for this week is Ten Books For readers Who Like ___ care of The Broke And The Bookish. They gave the bloggers the freedom to make their own topic based on that sentence. So I chose Ten Books For Readers Who Like Coming-of-Age Stories since it’s one of my most favorite genre.

But first what makes a book fall under the coming-of-age genre? According to goodreads a coming-of-age story is a genre of literature that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood (“coming of age”). Coming-of-age stories tend to emphasize dialogue or internal monologue over action, and are often set in the past. The subjects of coming-of-age stories are typically males in their mid teens. Themes of maturation, acculturation, loss of innocence, wisdom or acumen, and worldliness are often present.

As for me, I consider a book a coming-of-age story if the protagonist is in his/her youth and facing a life changing event in his/her life and often has a nostalgic feel. Most of the times the story is told by the protagonist’s adult self. But not always.

Anyway, the list are only the books I’ve read so far. I still have a long list on my TBR.

1. Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

-I’m not going to stop recommending this book as much as I can. For me, this is the epitome of an amazing coming-of-age story.

2. The Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

– I am in love with Zafon’s prose. I got really engrossed with this book.

3. Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt

-This book is one of those book that I would like to call my book soul mate. I found it in a second hand bookstore and I read it immediately. One of my favorites.

4. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

-I’ve read this in one seating. The reviews varied. Some hated it. But I tend to enjoy books others hated and hate those they love so, I liked this one. Didn’t watch the movie though.

5. The Piper’s Son by Melina Marchetta

– I’ve read Saving Francesca first but I just fell in love with Thomas. So though a lot of Marchetta fans prefers SF, I love The Piper’s Son better.

6. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

-Nobody Owens. A very unforgettable protagonist. How would you feel growing up around ghosts and living in a graveyard?

7. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

“The first time Juli Baker saw Bryce Loski, she flipped. The first time Bryce saw Juli, he ran. The perfect book to read if you want to be reminded of the first time you ever liked someone.

8. Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass

– Another book soul mate. I’ve never researched this book (I tend to do that before buying a book). I just saw it on the bookstore and bought it. And I never regretted it.

9. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

– Toru, the hero in Norwegian Wood is one of the best male lead I’ve ever encountered in books. I read this book every December. I’ve been doing so for four years now.

10. The Gift Of Rain by Twanย  Eng Tan

-Not yet done reading this one. I bought my copy when I traveled to Singapore. They have a bookstore there that is heaven for an Asian Lit geek such as myself. Actually I’m only at the beginning but I instantly fell in love with it. A very rich and beautiful prose. Nostalgic. So much feels.

And there you have it. I hope you can pick up and try reading even one of these books. Even if you’ve never been into this genre, I still hope you can try it. You might end up loving it as much as I do. ๐Ÿ™‚

Top Ten Books You Would Classify As ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS from the past 3 years


I’ve been seeing posts from other book blogs about this Top Ten Tuesday entries. This idea was created by The Broke And The Bookish.ย  I promised myself countless of times to try doing it too. And so, when I saw the topic this week, I got excited! Here are my favorite among the books I’ve read for the past 3 years. This list is not on particular order for it has always been hard for me to tell which is my most favorite and which is not. But these are the books that I treasure more than my life. These are the books I will save first in case of fire, flood and typhoon.

1. Brave Story by Miyuki Miyabe


This is a fantasy-adventure story about Wataru Mitani who, to change his destiny and to bring his family back together, entered a portal to a different world called Vision. This book is 816 pages long but still it was so hard for me to say goodbye to it. I read it as slowly as I can just to prolong my time with this beautiful book. I love this book so much that I wasn’t able to write a review because I was on a book hangover for months. I plan to re-read Brave Story this year so that I can write a proper review.

2. Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

boy's life

Robert McCammon is actually more popular as a horror/thriller author. But he was able to create this beautiful book called Boy’s Life. This is a coming of age story centered around the boy named Cory as he discovers magic and adventure in their little town of Zephyr, Alabama. Just so you know how much I love this book, I have two copies of this in my shelf, one trade paperback and other one is the mass paperback. And every time I see a copy of this in bookstores I automatically buys it to give to my close friends just so they can read Boy’s Life.

3. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

redeeming love

This book made me cry a dozen buckets of tears. It gave me a book coma for months (can’t read other books, can’t think of anything else but this book). This is a book based on a story from the bible about Hosea.

This book tore my heart in little pieces and then it made my heart whole again in the end.

4. The History Of Love by Nicole Krauss


The History Of Love is a hauntingly, heart-wrenchingly beautiful book. This literally made me sob. My copy was filled with post it notes to mark all the part I love. And when I finished reading it I realized that I’ve marked almost all the pages. I even started reading it again after finishing it.

5. Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

call me by your name

Okay, when my friends learned that this is one of my favorite books of all time, they get awkward with me. Why? Because this is a love story between two men. To be honest, Call Me By Your Name was the first book I’ve read about a homosexual relationship. But you see, this book was so beautifully written and heart-wrenching that I’ve already read it four times and I still love it.

6. Haruki Murakami


Murakami is one of my most favorite author. I have many favorites among his books so I will just put them in one entry. ๐Ÿ™‚

7. A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge


My most favorite children’s books of ALL time! Imaginative, fun and a real page turner.

8. Days Of Blood And Starlight by Laini Taylor

days of blood and starlight

I love the Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, but I love Days Of Blood And Starlight better. I love this trilogy. But I haven’t read Dreams Of Gods And Monsters yet because I don’t want to say goodbye to this series yet.

9. Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor

lips touch three times

Did I forget to mention that I really really love Laini Taylor? ๐Ÿ™‚

10. Battle Royale by Koushun Takami

battle royale

Gore. Bloodshed. Survival. And written by a Japanese author. I’m an Asian Lit geek so… need I say more? ๐Ÿ™‚

And there you have it! Whew, that was a hard one, choosing the books to put in here. Till the next Top Ten Tuesday! ๐Ÿ™‚